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Who says a mad scientist has to be a bad one?

A chemist of the highest level has finally created his greatest work in a bottle--life. They have stolen fire from the heavens and the paintbrush of God. The glass may be grimy and filled with the fingerprints of thousands of hours of handling, but inside...perfection.

If you listen closely, you can just make out the gentle sound of crystalline water splashing through a vibrant meadow. A carpet of strong, vibrant grass coats the floor. Above it, blowing in a wind that seems to ignore the glass, the fiery orange leaves of a maple tree flash fiercely. The branches and individual leaves can be seen waving in the reflection in the glass. Underneath, the burrows of rodents can be seen, crisscrossing the dirt and mulch, bottoming out on a thick layer of bedrock. 

The sun sets in the background, but inside the glass, light from nowhere gaily illuminates every blade of grass and every single leaf on the tree. The sun sets not just on the scene, but on a time when we are restrained from bringing artificial life into the world. Artist: Joseph Farah

Creation: Image
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