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December 30, 2020

The Quantum Industrial Revolution is upon us. In the future, quantum technologies and quantum information science will revolutionize the industry, the market, ways of working and creating, and will shape society. The National Science Foundation has committed a large amount of resources to the Quantum Leap Initiative, and Google, Amazon, IBM, Raytheon, all the largest hi-tech companies have their quantum labs. A plethora of small enterprises and start-ups is flourishing trying to position themselves at the forefront of the quantum frontier.
At the educational level, universities are starting to propose short courses to educate the general public, and the people who are already in the industry but who are not quantum physicists: entrepreneurs, managers, computer scientists, engineers. What is missing in this big picture is Education at the K-12 level, specifically high-school. The core of this proposal is to bring quantum physics to younger students: it can be done.

Q12 Program: News
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