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Primary Areas of Interest

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Quantum matter describes those systems whose emergent properties are intrinsically quantum like Topological phases of matter, Critical phases of matter and exotic quantum critical points,

Quantum many-body systems away from equilibrium, CFT, and bulk locality in holography and beyond, Quantum Chaos, scrambling, and complexity in quantum matter and holography.


Topological ordered states are exotic quantum states of matter that defy the usual description in terms of symmetry breaking and local order parameters. The type or order they feature is of non-local, topological nature, and it allows such systems to present unusual and interesting behaviours, like robust degeneracy, and anyonic excitations.


Scale-free networks, memory, stock markets

It is very hard to unsplatter an egg. This is because, although the microscopic equations of motion are reversible,
and in principle by reversing all the speeds of its constituents the egg should reform, even astoundingly small errors in the inversion of such speeds would lead
to a completely dierent conguration, that is, still a splattered egg. In other words, entropy spontaneously increases, and spontaneous decreases of entropy, although
in principle possible, are events of such extreme rarity
that they would not happen with any likelihood even if
we wait for a universe's life time.

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